Friday, April 13, 2012

Recommendation letter for district Teacher of the Year

Dear Committee Member(s):

It is with total confidence and great pride that I compose this letter in support of Mrs. Super Teacher's candidacy for District Teacher of the Year Super is an over-comer, a problem-solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of our 4th grade team.  Her enthusiasm, love, and passion for teaching (and her students) have hardly a rival on our staff . . . and we have an incredible faculty. 

Super does not work or serve for awards or accolades, but simply to inspire and impact all those she comes in contact with each day.  She has mastered the elusive art of being firm but fair, having rules yet maintaining relationships, and keenly remembering that though she teaches numerous content/subject areas . . . she is really teaching “children” whom she freely offers love, acceptance, and grace. 

While remaining current with the latest instructional strategies and technologies, she can still reach a troubled or struggling student with simple, yet profound, motherly instincts and empathy coupled with complete professionalism.  Likewise, she can accelerate and challenge her brightest of students because of professional development experiences and innovations she has pursued and mastered. 

Super has a calling on her life, and that calling is teaching . . .  which she exquisitely balances with her most important roles as a wife and mother.  She teaches her students to strive for excellence, to love reading, and to respect each other; and she teaches all of us (her peers) to give our best for our students, to wear a smile, to have faith, and to remember that the storms of life can often produce beautiful rainbows and new growth. 

Thank you for this opportunity to brag on my friend, colleague, and consummate professional . . . Super Teacher – 2012 Superior Elementary Teacher of the Year as voted by her peers. 

With complete confidence and pride,

Assistant Principal
Superior Elementary

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to borrow ideas from your very well-written letter! On short notice, I was asked to write one for a colleague. This has truly been a big help.
    Thank you.